Press Mentions

October 2014, Latin Post published a profile of me under their “Palabras” feature.

March 27, 2014, Here’s a fun interview by Stephanie Guerra on Readergirlz

December 2013, Professor Janis Breckenridge, of Whitman College, in Walla Walla, Washington, interviewed me in Ciberletras.

August 2013: Here’s my interview in Girls of Summer!

July 15, 2013. A super nice review from Read About Comics, a comics blogger.

March 18, 2013: Crimson-White is a campus newspaper. They wrote about my appearance at the University of Alabama’s Summersell Center for the Study of the South.

February 3, 2013:  Mutt’s Reviews gave me a nice write-up.

February 13, 2013: Vamos a Leer blogs on literature for teaching Latin America.

January 20, 2013: A strong review from Mamiverse.

November 15, 2012: The blog Alabama Letters gave me a wonderful review!

November 17, 2012: Part of my Miami International Book Fair was an interview with C-SPAN Book TV.

July 23, 2012: It’s wonderful to see Library Journal‘s verdict!

July 18, 2012: While I have some quibbles, Jean-Christophe Cloutier’s review in Public Books is favorable and one of the most instructive for me as a writer.

June 19, 2012: Every southern writer dreams of being published in Oxford American!

May 30, 2012: Wonderful review by Mobile-Press Register writer John Sledge!

May 24, 2012: Ben Flanagan of wrote a piece that includes a Q&A.

May 4, 2012, yet another article in Graphic Novel Reporter! This one’s a creator interview.

April 22, 2012, in Tuscaloosa News (and previously, in audio form on Alabama Public Radio), a review by Dr. Don Noble.

April 12, 2012, in Graphic Novel Reporter published a review

April 9, 2012, Howard Cruse, a fellow Alabamian and graphic novelist, posted this wonderful write-up (scroll down a bit for it):

April 6, 2012, Alabama Public Radio broadcast an interview.

April 4, 2012, WVUA gave me a live interview.

March 6, 2012, Josh Neufeld, the graphic novelist wrote up this nice blog post.

February 2012, Publishers Weekly Comics World ran this review of Darkroom.  So pleased!

February 19, 2012, ¡Imagínense Libros!

December 2011, Publishers Weekly gave Darkroom its first write-up in national media.

For my French readers, here is a write-up.

One thought on “Press Mentions

  1. Thought the reviewer for Imagínense libros’ comment regarding confusion about the sequence was interesting as well as the remark about the “detached” style of narrative. Of course, it’s very difficult for me to be objective! I did think that arranging the material in topical ways was more interesting than following a more consecutive timeline

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