IMG_0752My name is Lila Quintero Weaver. I’m the author-illustrator of Darkroom: A Memoir in Black and White (The University of Alabama Press, 2012), a graphic novel that explores the connections between immigration and race.       

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ISBN 978-0-8173-5714-6 Available through The University of Alabama Press and at bookstores nationwide.

Darkroom is the story of my family’s immigration to the American South from Argentina in 1961. Our arrival in Alabama coincided with significant developments in the Civil Rights Movement, including the dismantling of Jim Crow laws, a night of racial violence that exploded one block from our back door, and a tense and protracted period of public school desegregation.

Why a graphic novel? I’m a lifelong dabbler in visual arts and it only seemed natural to tell my story through hand-drawn images. In this blog post, I touch on some of the how’s and why’s of putting the book together.

Darkroom joined spread

The response to Darkroom has been gratifying.

Publisher’s Weekly called it “a vivid, insightful, and moving graphic memoir.”

Graphic Novel Reporter wrote: “Stunning, not only for its beautifully rendered imagery but also for its heartfelt story.”

Please read more in Press Mentions.

I’m delighted to report that Darkroom has found a place in high school and college classrooms. It’s being used to teach the Civil Rights Movement, as a text in Women’s Studies, in Spanish classes, in the study of the memoir and in courses devoted to the graphic novel.

On this site, you can see sample pages, view a gallery of individual images, check for upcoming author events, and follow links to interviews and reviews.

My blogging outlet is on Latin@s in Kid Lit, where I collaborate with other three other authors and a librarian about children’s and YA books that feature Latino/a characters or themes. We also highlight Latino/a creators.

A bit more about me:

Birthday 2010I’m a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I grew up in Alabama, where I still live with my husband, Paul. We have three children, all grown. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Alabama, and relish every opportunity to keep learning new things. Darkroom is my first book. It was named a finalist in the Small Press Expo’s Ignatz 2012 award for “Promising New Talent” and listed in Notable Books for a Global Society by the Children’s Literature & Reading Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association.

Besides writing and making art, my passions are social justice and hunger alleviation. I enjoy nature, hiking and travel. My daily habits include two cups of coffee and the often maddening NYT crossword puzzle.

For speaking and other inquiries, you may contact me at lilaweaver@gmail.com.

My representative for literary works is Adriana Dominguez at Full Circle Literary.


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